Monday, 21 April 2014

DIY Terrariums

Hello Everyone,
Something that I love at the moment are terrariums. They are very popular and can be found all over Pinterest. So I have been feeling very inspired and want to show you how to create your own. You can buy terrariums already made up but they can cost a small fortune. Anybody can make one themselves and you will save some money at the same time.

All you will need to make your own are:
 Glass jars or bowls of any size you choose
Potting mix
Sphagnum Moss/optional
Stones or Pebbles/optional
Depending on what look you are going for the choice of plants are 100% up to you.
I am doing two different types of jars so I have ferns and succulents
Water in a spray bottle
Gardening Gloves

For the fern terrarium I am using a fishbowl. Fill the bowl 1/3td of the way with potting mix.
Take the plants of your choice and remove them from there plastic pots. Gently squeeze and loosen the soil at the roots and start placing them on top of the soil until you find a combination you like. Be careful to not overcrowd the plants because they do need space to grow.
It can also be fun to play with the levels of the soil. build up different sections to create depth and change the heights of some of the plants.
Start to plant the ferns into the soil.

This next part is optional..
Spread the Sphagnam Moss around and in between the ferns.
Take your spray bottle and spray everything well.

And that's the first Terrarium finished!
I love this, it reminds me of a rainforest and the pop of green makes all the difference sitting in the middle of the dining table.

The second smaller jar was bought from Ikea and we are starting out the same way as the first.
Fill the jar 1/3rd of the way full of potting mix.
These succulents are smaller ones from some pots that I have out the front of my house.  
Have a play with where you want to place the succulents. Remember not to overcrowd the plants so that they can grow in.

Press the stems into the soil

Spread some stones/pebbles around the succulents or if you would like the Sphagnum Moss.
Take your spray bottle and give everything a nice drink.

And your done! These terrariums are so easy that I thought that maybe it wasn't even worth writing a blog post about, but there are so many people that are still unsure if they can create something like this on there own.

It is so nice to have real plants in the home and beast of all they are so easy to take care of you really don't have to be afraid of trying to keep them alive.
 Just spay with water every second day and you will be able to watch your terrariums grow and change everyday.

Ok everyone that's DIY Terrariums for you. If you make your own id love to hear how it turned out.
If you have any tips or trick let me know in the comments below.

Thanks for reading

Simone xxx


  1. It is so fresh looking and indoor plants are oxygenating which is great for indoor air quality. I'm going to make one for my dining table. Thanks for that.